Helping People Get Relief Since 2001

When I opened the doors to my practice in 2001, my goal was to help patients get relief from back, neck and joint pain without the use of drugs and surgery. Through gentle, hands-only spinal adjustments, patients find relief from the pain caused by spinal misalignment or subluxation.
-Dr. Haely

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Best Chiropractor in the area. I drive 45 minutes to get here and don’t mind at all. Very thorough and caring doctor.

Patrick McLaughlin, D.C.

I’ve been going to Ryan for many years! He absolutely cares about your wellbeing! Sometimes you need a few adjustments to get it corrected but it DOES work if you stick to it!

Valerie Sevier

I wish they had Saturday office hours. Getting time off during the week is almost impossible for me.

Dan T Drac

Dr. Ryan Haely of Haely Family Chiropractic is a caring professional who has helped relieve chronic pain, including low back, neck and TMJ. His specialty Gonstead practice is much more thorough, personal and gentle than traditional chiropractic care. I recommend him highly and encourage anyone with chronic or acute pain to visit Haely Family Chiropractic’s convenient location.


A friend recommended Dr. Haely after I had been prescribed medication for chronic headaches 10 years ago. I haven’t taken that medicine ever again. My husband and children are patients as well. I have a lot of friends and family thank me for recommending him.

Judith Wilkosz

I was referred to Dr. Haely by a good friend. I’ve been to a few chiropractors over the years. Dr. Haely’s Gonstead Technique is very effective. I feel the best I’ve felt in years. He was also able to get me through a nasty sinus infection without antibiotics. My 8 year old son also sees Dr. Haely. As a result, he no longer gets chronic nosebleeds, an issue his pediatrician wanted to treat with cauterization. Our trust in Dr. Haely is emmense. I can’t recommend him enough!

Michelle Finkle

Dr. Haley is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to! He truly cares about his patients! I’ve referred many family and friends. All of which have been helped. Wonder office staff as well! Give him a try. Your body will thank you 😊

Alyce Tolley

It doesn’t take too much to be proficient at your job but to go so much further and show the utmost integrity and care is another story. Dr. Haely goes even beyond that. The man emits a level of kindness and compassion I’ve never seen from a medical professional before. Not to mention the man is a genius in his field. I went in once with a wrist brace completely unrelated to what I was being seen about and he asked me about it and before I even finished explaining what was wrong he had me drop my wrist and popped a bone right back into place. His level of familiarity with the human skeleton is truly amazing and if you’re looking to improve your quality of life exponentially, see Dr. Haely.

Brian Lee